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Herps & Aquatics keepers handling a stingray before a CT scan.

Wheeler the Stingray Gets a CT Scan

Wheeler, our 3-year-old southern stingray, turned our L3Harris Animal Care Center into a regular Ray’s Anatomy episode when he tried out our new CT machine. While various species of turtles and an iguana have tested out the machine prior to Wheeler, the stingray introduced a much bigger challenge than the other Zoo residents: His need to be submerged in a tank of water.

A stingray is fed seafood

Meet the Animals: Stingrays

Get to know our group of stingrays in this month’s Meet the Animals feature!

A stingray is fed seafood

How to Feed a Stingray

Feeding a stingray takes a little more effort than leaving food out or sprinkling it into our Indian River Lagoon aquarium!

A group of stingrays

Shuffling into Stingray Conservation

Happy Shark and Ray Awareness Day! Take a few minutes to learn about these amazing sea creatures.

A stingray pup receives an ultrasound by a vet to check his organs.

A Checkup for Our Newest Pup!

It was time for an exam for our newest bundle of joy, a southern stingray pup!


Cute Alert: A Recap of Our 2018 Babies

Take a look back at our cutest moments of 2018.

Stingray pup

Our First Stingray Pups!

We’re celebrating the arrival of our first-ever stingray pups, born to Belle on Tuesday. Meet Dallas and Clementine!