Brevard Zoo's Mission

"We Share Our Joy of Nature to Help Wildlife and People Thrive"

We believe conservation begins at home, which is why we take extensive measures to ensure our business practices are as sustainable as possible.



Free electric-vehicle charging stations are located in the Zoo’s parking lot as part of the FPL EVolution program. They are compatible with all major EV models, including those manufactured by Audi, Chevrolet, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Tesla and Volkswagen. The FPL EVolution app (available through the App Store and Google Play) is required to use this service.


Resuable shopping bags


Our reusable tote bags are upcycled from animal feed bags and sewn by community volunteers. They are available for purchase in our Wonders of the Wild gift shop, and 100% of the profits support the Zoo’s conservation efforts. To learn more or participate in this project, please email Amy Reaume at Click here to see how to make your own.



Palm oil is a very common household ingredient found in products ranging from snack foods to shampoos. It’s produced across the tropics, but comes primarily from Southeast Asia. When grown and harvested unsustainably, this crop threatens the habitats of animals like orangutans and tigers.

Sustainable palm oil growers demonstrate a commitment to their environment, employees and communities. We use products containing sustainable palm oil whenever possible. You can make smart decisions on the go using the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s convenient Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide, available from the App Store and Google Play.



Blue Life Florida logo


Tell us, do you live the Blue Life?

BLUE LIFE is a cooperative partnership among concerned residents, non-profit organizations, local governments, businesses and educational institutions that are determined to reduce the pollutant load into our nationally acclaimed bodies of water including the Indian River Lagoon, St. Johns River and the many tributaries that flow to them.

BLUE LIFE believes that if the community is aware of the common, everyday contaminants that enter into the lagoon and the effects they have on the lagoon system, then residents will willingly choose to adopt personal stewardship practices known as “BLUE LIFEstyles.”

Here’s a simple action you can take to help the Indian River Lagoon and live the BLUE LIFE! Be sure to follow the new summer fertilizing rules in Brevard County. Click here if you’re not sure of the rules.

To find out how you can live the BLUE LIFE and get started today, visit our website at to see for yourself how you can save time, money and the environment.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program logo


We are proud partners of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch® program. This program empowers consumers and businesses to make choices for healthy oceans, which support diverse marine ecosystems for the future. Using science-based, peer reviewed methods, Seafood Watch® assesses how fisheries and farmed seafood impact the environment and provides recommendations indicating which items are “Best Choices” and “Good Alternatives,” and which ones to “Avoid.”


Litter Quitter logo


We are a proud partner of Litter Quitter, a Keep Brevard Beautiful program that partners with local businesses to encourage the reduction of common sources of litter like single-use plastics, plastic bags and Styrofoam.

Find a Litter Quitter partner near you: