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Bubba the loggerhead sea turtle in his tank.

Releasing 375-pound Bubba the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Brevard Zoo will be releasing one of its largest loggerhead sea turtle patients 375-plus-pound Bubba back to the ocean after a 3-month rehabilitation at the Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center.

What’s the Deal with Barnacles?

If you’ve been following the content surrounding our Sea Turtle Healing Center for some time, it’s likely you’ve noticed a few hitchhikers on our sea turtle patients’ backs. These clingy, shelled critters are barnacles! But, are barnacles harmful to sea turtles? This answer is…it depends! 

Van Gogh

Releasing Sea Turtle Van Gogh

We’re happy to be sending another rehabilitated sea turtle back to their ocean home! Van Gogh the juvenile green sea turtle is being released after a three-month stay at our Sea Turtle Healing Center.

Update on Belle the Injured Sea Turtle

We have an update on Belle: a resilient little green sea turtle who arrived on our doorstep dehydrated, underweight and full of plastic.

McNubbins the sea turtle swimming

Saying a Temporary Goodbye to Sea Turtle McNubbins

Learn all about McNubbin’s story from Jessica Patterson, our Sea Turtle Healing Center Coordinator. While we are sad to say a temporary goodbye to this turtle-y amazing patient, we can’t wait to see her thrive in a more appropriate facility while her future home is being built.

Loggerhead sea turtle Bubba receives an exam.

Meet 375-pound Loggerhead Bubba!

Meet one of the largest loggerheads our Sea Turtle Healing Center has ever treated: Bubba! He is a healthy 375 pounds.

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