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Two Florida grasshopper sparrow chicks in a nest

Welcoming Our First Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Chicks of the Season

We’re delighted to share that our Florida grasshopper sparrow season has gotten off on a flying start: the first chicks of the year have been born!

A woman planting seagrass in the lagoon.

A Seagrass Update on World Seagrass Day 

We’re celebrating World Seagrass Day by giving you an update on some of our important seagrass conservation work happening right in our (and possibly your literal) backyard.

Frosted flatwood salamander in a gloved hand

Pairing Up Critically Endangered Frosted Flatwood Salamanders

We’ve started giving our critically endangered frosted flatwood salamander residents the resources necessary to reproduce.

Illustrated rendering of people see marine life swimming in the locks system from Port Canaveral

East Coast Zoological Foundation receives $2.5 million gift from the Nelson Family to help build the future Aquarium and Conservation Center

A cotton-top tamarin baby clings to the back of a family member.

Our New Cotton-Top Tamarin Twins

We’re ecstatic to announce that our cotton-top tamarin matriarch, Luna, gave birth to two babies in early January. Read more to learn how the troop is adjusting to this exciting change.

Lit string lights lying on the ground.

Recycle Your Holiday Lights at the Zoo

Have yourself a sustainable holiday season! We have a few suggestions on how.

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