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The Conservation Hub of Brevard

Our commitment to wildlife conservation extends far beyond the physical boundaries of our Zoo.

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We are better together, which means we focus not only on our own green initiatives at the Zoo, but also work alongside our community to make environmentally friendly changes that protect wildlife and improve our quality of life.

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Field Projects

Your Zoo makes a tremendous impact in our own backyard. Here are some of the projects that we are participating in to ensure healthy habitats and clean water in our region. Many of them rely on our community for help whether it’s through your support of our Sea Turtle Healing Center, through one of the several volunteer opportunities available in our Restore Our Shores program or by becoming a citizen scientist. Click on each project to learn more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Global Impact

We are committed to supporting international conservation programs where small investments can make a big difference, and where we can show our community how our efforts in Florida can affect wildlife worldwide.

Some of our initiatives in our own backyard, such as our scrub-jay translocation efforts, Sea Turtle Healing Center and Restore Our Shores programs taught us how to address and alleviate the immediate threats to our ecosystems and their imperiled populations. Our acquired understanding then allows us to utilize our resources and knowledge to partner with researchers and other agencies working to conserve wildlife, both locally and around the world.

Global Impact Conservation Map
Kids participating in Quarters for Conservation

Guests and members, check out how your visit supports wildlife! This program supports field conservationists and their projects to save species and habitats around the world.

When you visit the Zoo, your dollars support field conservationists in saving endangered species and habitats.

Quarters for Conservation
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Field conservationists, check out the opportunities to apply for Brevard Zoo support.

Grant Opportunities

Guest Speakers

Would you like to learn more about one of our conservation projects? We can bring the Zoo to you!

We are able to provide a limited number of off-site presentations. Only applications that demonstrate a strong match in curriculum, goals or mission will be considered.

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