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Two students watch as a Brevard Zoo teacher shows off a life-sized anatomical sea turtle.

An Anatomy Lesson from a Sea Turtle Model

A new flippered friend is adding a splash of fun to our Conservation Learning programs. Meet “Jules,” a 3D-printed sea turtle model! 

Inspiring Teens to Enjoy the Outdoors

A new program at our Zoo is bringing middle and high school aged students to area parks and the Zoo to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, seining and more.

A student seins in the Indian River Lagoon.

Modernizing Our Lagoon Quest Program

After almost 20 years, our Lagoon Quest program needed an update to be an even better resource for local teachers and modernize it for today’s students. Thanks to a grant from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, our Education staff were able to team up with six local teachers to do so.

Signs and art displays on a fence encouraging viewers to move and touch.

Discover Our New Sensory Pathway

A sensory pathway is a tool that incorporates different sensory components, such as touch and movement. Ours encourages visitors to jump and wiggle, and even boasts some pretty cool stingray facts. Complete with ridged seashells, smooth tiles and bumpy stones, anyone can satisfy their tactile desires at this station.  

Inspiring Future Educators

One of Brevard Zoo’s education specialists, Alec Walsh, is a former student of our own Zoo School! He was inspired to join a career in education by his experience.

Zoo teens DS

Brevard Zoo Volunteers: For Teens Too!

Applications are open for Brevard Zoo’s Zoo Teen program! Read on to learn more about this special volunteer opportunity!

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