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Baby zebra

Welcoming Our Newest Baby Zebra

We are happy to share that our third zebra foal was born to mom Zonka at the Zoo on May 26!

A grinder is used on a Grevy's zebra hoof.

Hooves to Nose Checkup for Grévy’s Zebra Bakari

Our Grevy’s zebra stallion Bakari got a full work-up recently from nose to hooves – so to speak! The 10-year-old received a dental exam along with a hoof trim while sedated.

Grévy's zebra Iggy's foal

Another Zebra Baby is Here!

Eleven-year-old Grévy’s zebra Iggy gave birth in the early hours of June 30! The foal is a male, appears healthy and weighs about 84 pounds.

Grevy's zebra Lauren and her foal stand together in their holding area

Welcoming Our First-Ever Baby Zebra

Brevard Zoo is thrilled to share that our first-ever baby zebra is here! Grévy’s zebra Lauren gave birth in the early morning of June 1.

Eastern bongo Ginger

Endangered Species at the Zoo

This Endangered Species Day, we are taking a closer look at some of the threatened species that call Brevard Zoo home.

Iggy zebra pregnant

Our Zebra Herd May Get More Dazzling

As we celebrate International Zebra Day on January 31, we are excited to share that our dazzle, or group of Grévy’s zebra, may get a bit more dazzling in the next few months.

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