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A green sea turtle being held by a Sea Turtle Healing Center staff member.

Releasing Horchata the Green Sea Turtle

We will be releasing a juvenile green sea turtle Horchata back to the ocean! This sea turtle had a 4-month recovery with us during which Horchata passed multiple pieces of plastic.

A loggerhead sea turtle is attended to by a veterinarian and a veterinary technician.

Helping Loggerhead Sea Turtle Mischief

Our Sea Turtle Healing Center team is working hard to help a loggerhead named Mischief on their rehabilitation journey after losing a flipper to fishing equipment. 

A green sea turtle on a white towel

Releasing Green Sea Turtles Leli and Gucci

Two green sea turtle patients are heading home to the ocean on Wednesday, December 27 at 11:30 a.m. at James H. Nance Park in Indialantic.  

A photo of a sea turtle in a tank.

Releasing Two Green Sea Turtles

We’re thrilled to share that we’ll be holding a double sea turtle release this Wednesday, December 13! Juvenile green sea turtles Gorp and Peter Pan will be heading home to the ocean after several months of rehabilitation at our Sea Turtle Healing Center for fishing-related injuries.  

Helping Harley Recover Through Nutrition

Whatever their ailment, recovery for our Sea Turtle Healing Center patients begins with good nutrition.

A green sea turtle patient

Caring for Gorp the Green Sea Turtle

Our Sea Turtle Healing Center team is calling our newer juvenile green sea turtle patient, Gorp, one of the most resilient turtles they’ve ever met – read on to learn why! 

Releasing Zoo Base the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

It’s finally time to say “see you later” to Zoo Base, the loggerhead sea turtle who has been a patient at our Sea Turtle Healing Center for 15 months!  

A loggerhead sea turtle

Releasing Princess Hailey the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

We’re so happy to share that we’ll be releasing loggerhead sea turtle Princess Hailey back to the ocean on Monday, October 2 at 10 a.m. at James Nance Park!