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A small baby klipspringer sitting in hay

Welcoming a Baby Klipspringer

Deborah and Ajabu, our klipspringer pair, have welcomed their seventh offspring at our Zoo! The young male klipspringer is now doing well, but this baby’s first few days started off on unsure footing.

A cotton-top tamarin baby clings to the back of a family member.

Our New Cotton-Top Tamarin Twins

We’re ecstatic to announce that our cotton-top tamarin matriarch, Luna, gave birth to two babies in early January. Read more to learn how the troop is adjusting to this exciting change.

A North Sulawesi babirusa and her two piglets.

Introducing our North Sulawesi Babirusa Piglets

We’re squealing with excitement! Our North Sulawesi babirusa, Piggy, has given birth to twins.

An Eastern Bongo calf laying in a bush

Welcoming a New Eastern Bongo Calf

Bongo Denver gave birth to her first calf on December 28. The female calf is healthy and weighs in at about 43 pounds.  

Bringing Together Impalas in Need

This fall, Brevard Zoo was delighted to welcome a baby impala born to mom Imara. However, our joy quickly turned to concern when our animal care team noticed that Imara had rejected the baby and wouldn’t allow her to nurse. Learn how keepers acted quickly to keep the new calf healthy and thriving.

A howler monkey holds her baby

Welcoming a Black Howler Monkey Baby

Our black howler monkey troop recently welcomed a new bundle of joy: Baya the howler gave birth on November 29!

An eastern bongo calf lays on the ground.

Welcoming a New Baby Eastern Bongo

In another win for a critically endangered species, our female Eastern bongo Clover gave birth to another calf on August 25!

A Florida black bear cub.

Caring for Florida Black Bear Cubs

We’ve started providing temporary medical and nutritional care to Florida black bear cubs in need in an effort to help them on their rehabilitation journey with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.