Media interviewing dingo keepers


Welcome to Brevard Zoo’s online pressroom, designed to give media up-to-the-minute information on happenings at the Zoo. For any media inquiries or image requests, please contact Andrea Hill at ahill@brevardzoo.org. Click here to view a fact sheet about the Zoo.


Brevard Zoo Celebrates 30 Years at Safari Under the Stars Event

Mother’s Day Specials at Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo Welcomes Critically Endangered Chicks

Brevard Zoo Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Brevard Zoo Releasing Loggerhead Sea Turtle After 4-Month Rehabilitation

East Coast Zoological Foundation Receives Nelson Family Gift for Aquarium

Brevard Zoo Nominated as One of North America’s Best

Brevard Zoo Welcomes New Species

Brevard Zoo Provides Temporary Home to Confiscated Spider Monkey Babies

Brevard Zoo Releasing Sea Turtle After Plastic Pollution Rehabilitation



Brevard Zoo Releasing Two Green Sea Turtles

Brevard Zoo Set to Release Two Sea Turtles

Brevard Zoo Completes Seagrass Nursery

Brevard Zoo’s Aquarium Project receives $2 million gift from Ron Jon Surf Shop and Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation

Brevard Zoo Set to Release Loggerhead Sea Turtle Princess Hailey

Brevard Zoo Adds CT to Medical Offerings

65 Critically Endangered Florida Grasshopper Sparrows Hatched at Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo Says Goodbye to longtime Zoo Resident Rafiki

Brevard Zoo Releasing Green Sea Turtle After 11-Month Rehabilitation

Brevard Zoo Set to Release Green Sea Turtle Opal

Brevard Zoo Caring for 374-pound Green Sea Turtle

Brevard Zoo Receives Transformative $5 Million Gift to Benefit Sea Turtles

Registration Open for Brevard Zoo’s Nature Preschool

Brevard Zoo Starting Experimental Seagrass Planting Project

Brevard Zoo Releasing Green Sea Turtle After 14-Month Stay

Brevard Zoo Names 2022 Volunteers of the Year

Brevard Zoo To Begin Manatee Rehabilitation

Brevard Zoo voted one of North America’s best zoos, top in Florida

Brevard Zoo Releasing Two Sea Turtles

Brevard Zoo to Start Adding Seagrass Back to Indian River Lagoon through Nursery in conjunction with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

Brevard Zoo Launches Accessible Kayaking System

Brevard Zoo Celebrating its 200th Sea Turtle Release