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Fazie and Elle snuggle up with Kerry and Megan!

As we wrap up 2018, we’d to take a look back at some of the most adorable moments of the year. That’s right, we’re talking about baby animals born and hatched here at the Zoo—prepare yourself for a whole lot of cuteness!


Sprinkle the Giraffe

This big boy arrived in the early hours of St. Patrick’s Day to mom Milenna. The giraffe weighed in at 148 pounds and stood 6’3.5″ tall, taking his first steps just 45 minutes after birth.



Fazie and Elle the Emus

These little fluffballs emerged from their eight-week incubation on March 14 and 15 respectively. Because their father Napoleon did not take much interest in these two, animal care staff decided to hand-rear the chicks, which have since been thriving!



Gnocchi and Hashbrown the Rock Hyraxes

These little aptly named potatoes were born to mom Buffy and dad Fangs on April 11. These bundles of fur may look like rodents, but are actually more closely related to elephants!



Dallas and Clementine the Stingrays

What’s cuter than the smiling “face” of a stingray? What about a smaller one? In a Brevard Zoo first, southern stingray Belle gave birth to two pups on May 15, who now live in our 20,000-gallon Indian River Lagoon-themed tank in Paws On.



Java the north Sulawesi Babirusa

Did you think a baby pig could be this cute? On August 4, two-year-old babirusa Piggy gave birth to Java, who is the first of his species born at the Zoo! This little guy has a big personality, and currently lives with Piggy in Lands of Change.



The Baby Sloth

We welcomed our first-ever sloth baby on October 17. After unsuccessfully trying to reunite the baby with its mother, animal care staff made the decision to hand-raise this little baby, who weighed just 11.2 ounces at birth. The sloth, whose sex is unknown, is not yet named.



The Giraffe Calf

This unnamed baby became the fourth consecutive male giraffe born at the Zoo when he arrived in the early hours of October 19. Weighing in at 158 pounds, this giant newborn is the dozenth sired by 20-year-old Rafiki.



To learn more about each of these animals, visit our Behind the Scenes blog. We look forward to welcoming more healthy (and adorable) Zoo babies in 2019!