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Jay and Marceline greeting eachother

What We’ve Learned from Confiscated Spider Monkey Introductions

When it comes to our two confiscated spider monkey infants, Finn and Marceline, we have learned a lot about this species’ behavior when it comes to introducing them to the rest of the troop members. From sweet monkey embraces to avoiding small squabbles, here’s what we’ve discovered so far.

A mother spider monkey holding their offspring.

Announcing Our New Spider Monkey Baby

We have some exciting news to tail you! Tika the black-handed spider monkey has given birth, and both Mom and baby are doing great.

A black-handed spider monkey on a tree

Starting Spider Monkey Introductions

You may spot two little black-handed spider monkey infants exploring our sky tunnels and habitats in our Rainforest Revealed loop! In January, we shared that our Zoo would be home for two spider monkey infants. Our animal care team has started the careful process of introducing 8-month-old Finn and 5-month-old Marceline to the rest of our spider monkey troop.  

A black-handed spider monkey baby in a hammock.

Rescuing Finn and Marceline the Spider Monkeys

Two confiscated black-handed spider monkey infants are calling our Zoo home for now.  

Woman in a Florida Tech t-shirt using a yellow target with a spider monkey for research purposes.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Primate Evolution

While taking a walk around our Rainforest Revealed loop, your interest may instantly be piqued by the antics of our black-handed spider monkey troop, our rambunctious cotton-top tamarin family, or our pair of elegant squirrel monkeys. While our primates are ideal ambassadors for their species, they’re also the key to understanding the evolutionary roots of behavior and cognition. Learn about Florida Tech’s cutting-edge research made possible through our partnership.

A black-handed spider monkey eats veggie noodles

A Day in the Life of our Spider Monkeys

Our black-handed spider monkey troop and their animal care team took over our social media channels today – but you can get a look at a typical day in their lives right here!

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