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A bear sleeping in a den

Another Sleepy Season for Our Bears

We’ve talked about our three Florida black bears at length, but during the recent winter months you may have noticed less appearances from our bears. That’s because even in Florida, black bears go through a hibernation period, and our bears residents here at the Zoo are no exception. As we enter spring, and our bears start to become more active, we want to walk you through what they’ve been experiencing over the last few months.  

A Florida black bear walking away from a tub

Checking in on Brody the Florida Black Bear

When our CT became fully functional last year, there was one animal resident who was at the top of our veterinary team’s list for a scan: 3-year-old Brody the Florida black bear.

An Update: Caring for Florida Black Bear Cubs

We’re so excited to provide an update on this cub who spent two weeks with us in August receiving medical and nutritional care: She’ll be heading back to her natural range this December! 

A Florida black bear cub.

Caring for Florida Black Bear Cubs

We’ve started providing temporary medical and nutritional care to Florida black bear cubs in need in an effort to help them on their rehabilitation journey with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  

Brody with stuffed animals

The Science of Play

“Playtime” is not only super cute, but also great for animals!