Quarters for Conservation Voting Kiosk 2023
Quarters for Conservation

Brevard Zoo's Mission

"We Share Our Joy of Nature to Help Wildlife and People Thrive"

Quarters for Conservation logoEvery Brevard Zoo guest can be a conservationist through our Quarters for Conservation program!  Twenty-five cents of each daily ticket and $5 from each membership purchased go toward one of our featured conservation organizations.

These organizations are chosen based on a variety of criteria. Brevard Zoo strives to select organizations that reflect our mission of sharing our joy of nature to help wildlife and people thrive. 


Creating Relationships

Women for Conservation field photoOur mission is to share our joy of nature to help wildlife and people thrive. We’re changing our Quarters for Conservation program to dedicate ourselves to a longer-lasting partnership with a nonprofit that aligns with this mission. For the next three years, we will support Women for Conservation with funding and mentorship. Women for Conservation empowers women to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats. This nonprofit provides women in rural communities in South America with environmental education, gives them the resources to implement conservation projects and connects them with comprehensive healthcare. Women for Conservation also trains women in sustainable, eco-friendly careers that are an alternative to the work that harms the environment and local biodiversity such as logging and cattle ranching.  

Current Projects

ICAS – Wild Animal Conservation Institute

Busy roads can be dangerous for many animals, including giant anteaters. This project aims to reduce car strikes through monitoring and education, while also providing a second chance for anteater pups rescued from the road. These pups are raised with the help of local community members and then monitored after they are released to ensure they are doing well.

International Rhino Foundation

Poaching is the greatest threat to rhinos in South Africa. While rangers are well-trained at catching poachers, they do not have the legal knowledge needed to build successful cases against poaching crimes. This project will help rangers learn to collect evidence, conduct searches and report incidents to make sure that those caught poaching rhinos are successfully prosecuted.

Sumatran Ranger Project

The Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia is one of the last remaining places where Sumatran orangutans, tigers and elephants as well as Malayan sun bears coexist. This community-driven project trains and employs community members to patrol the borders of this critical area so that both humans and animals may thrive.

Vote and Make an Impact

Zoo guests can now “vote” for one of three chosen conservation projects using our new virtual voting system. The organization with the most votes will be granted extra funding at the end of each 6-month voting period. In 2023, six local and global projects will be supported by Quarters for Conservation thanks to Zoo lovers like you! 


How to Apply

Applications for 2023 are now closed! We’ll share more information on applications for 2024 in the coming months. Thank you for your interest in Quarters for Conservation!

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