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Quarters for Conservation

Brevard Zoo's Mission

"Wildlife Conservation Through Education and Participation"

Quarters for Conservation logoQuarters for Conservation is an exciting program that raises money to support wildlife conservation all over the world!

Upon entry to the Zoo, each guest is given a token representing 25 cents and asked to “vote” for their favorite project or organization at the Quarters for Conservation station. Additional contributions can be made with legal tender coins or bills. Three projects are featured each year.



Red panda

Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences

Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences aims to restore red panda habitat in Nepal through the participation of local people. The organization also looks to determine the occupancy and connectivity of endangered red panda populations as well as strengthen the conservation capacity of the local community.


Visayan warty pigTalarak Foundation 

The mission of Talarak Foundation is to conserve the Visayan warty pig, the Visayan spotted deer and the negros bleeding heart dove through captive breeding centers, community engagement and conservation science. The foundation also aims to empower local communities to lead the conservation of these species.


Coral reefReef Check Malaysia

Reef Check Malaysia aims to bring stakeholders together to collaborate on reef monitoring, research, management, conservation and advocacy. By doing so, this project hopes to build capacity for local Malaysian islanders to manage their natural resources for the benefit of future generations.


Thanks to your donations in 2019, we were able to successfully fund 12 Quarters for Conservation projects! Here is where your quarters went:

Florida Bat Conservancy – $6,625
Florida Wildlife Hospital – $7,627.50
International Otter Survival Fund – $7,747.50
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – $5,850
Institute for Development, Ecology, Conservation & Cooperation – $8,235
Little Fireface Project – $8,640
African People and Wildlife – $9,000
Pan African Sanctuary Alliance – $7,290
African Wildlife Conservation Fund – $6,210
Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust – $7,200
Elephant Connection Research Project – $8,865
Okapi Conservation Project – $6,435



The Quarters for Conservation program has been restructured. For information about updates to the program or to apply, click here. The application deadline is September 1 annually.