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Quarters for Conservation

Brevard Zoo's Mission

"Wildlife Conservation Through Education and Participation"

Quarters for Conservation logoQuarters for Conservation is an exciting program that raises money to support wildlife conservation all over the world!

Upon entry to the Zoo, each guest is given a token representing 25 cents and asked to “vote” for their favorite project or organization at the Quarters for Conservation station. Additional contributions can be made with legal tender coins or bills. Three projects are featured at a time, rotating every three months. 

Thanks to your donations in 2018, we were able to successfully fund 12 Quarters for Conservation projects! Here is where your quarters went:

Madagascar Wildlife Conservation – $7,425
Wildtracks – $7,425
Borneo Nature Foundation – $7,650
Dominica Sperm Whale Project – $6,525
Endangered Wildlife Trust – $9,675
Whales of Guerrero Research Project/Oceanic Society – $6,300
Pan African Sanctuary Alliance – $6,007.50
Game Rangers International – $9,000
Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization – $7,492.50
Florida Keys Wildlife Society – $5,625
African Bats – $5,625
Marine Megafauna Foundation – $11,250



Florida Bat Conservancy

Bat populations in Florida have decreased significantly over the last five years due to recent hurricanes, continued development and pesticide used to manage mosquitoes. Florida Bat Conservancy will use Q4C funds to build bat houses throughout Orange County to offer these flying mammals a place to live so they can help manage mosquitoes, thereby reducing the need for pesticides. The organization will also use its funding for the installation of bat houses, to monitor the houses for residency, to establish a network of volunteers and to work with pesticide applicators to reduce spraying.


Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary

The Florida Wildlife Hospital & Sanctuary (FWH) is an organization dedicated to aiding injured, sick and orphaned native Florida wildlife and migratory birds and returning them to their place in the ecosystem. This organization will use Q4C resources to purchase veterinary equipment and supplies, as well as to fund testing for diseases. By increasing their ability to heal more patients in a timely manner, FWH can help prevent the spreading of disease back into the wild, and thus work toward building a healthy population of native wildlife in Brevard County.


International Otter Survival Fund

The biggest problem that otters encounter is a lack of awareness about the threats facing these playful, water-loving animals. The International Otter Survival Fund will use its Q4C donations to visit communities that live near otter populations, hold meetings to educate the public about these furry creatures, engage children in the project by visiting schools and establish ‘”Otter Clubs’” in local communities.



The Quarters for Conservation program is currently under review and may experience some changes for the cycle of funding beginning in 2020. Please check back here for updates.