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Van Gogh

Releasing Sea Turtle Van Gogh

We’re happy to be sending another rehabilitated sea turtle back to their ocean home! Van Gogh the juvenile green sea turtle is being released after a three-month stay at our Sea Turtle Healing Center.

Kirby and Zippy in their nest box

Meet the Animals: Kirby and Zippy

The saying goes that birds of a feather flock together, and this rings true for two of our closest animal residents, Kirby the yellow-headed amazon and Zippy the blue-crowned parakeet.

White-nosed coati baby

Welcoming Coati Babies to their Habitat

Visit our Rainforest Revealed loop soon to see some white-nosed coati cuteness! Our eight – yes, eight – coati babies are now on habitat with their moms, Sky and Rita! 

Eastern screech owl

The Secret Lives of our Nocturnal Animals

We break down what life is like for some of our nocturnal Zoo residents since many are hidden from your view.

A giant otter swimming

Meet the Animals: Felix and Ophelia the Giant Otters

 Since 2019, we have been otter-ly amazed by our two giant otters, Felix and Ophelia.  

Jay and Marceline greeting eachother

What We’ve Learned from Confiscated Spider Monkey Introductions

When it comes to our two confiscated spider monkey infants, Finn and Marceline, we have learned a lot about this species’ behavior when it comes to introducing them to the rest of the troop members. From sweet monkey embraces to avoiding small squabbles, here’s what we’ve discovered so far.

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