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Brown pelicans swimming in a pool.

Helping Two Bird Species in Crisis

Through Brevard Zoo’s Wildlife Emergency Fund, we were able to support two nonprofits working to help two bird species in urgent need.

A man holds an orchid and describes its care to a group of people.

Growing a New Native Orchid Program

Our Zoo is participating in an orchid conservation program, the Million Orchid Project! Look up in the trees in our Caribbean Trail, Wild Florida loop and Rainforest Revealed loop to see native Florida orchids!

Eastern bongo Ginger

Endangered Species at the Zoo

This Endangered Species Day, we are taking a closer look at some of the threatened species that call Brevard Zoo home.

Matt Quavillon shows off an animal diet at his Zoo Chat.

New Chats Give Behind-the-Scenes Info on Animal Care

How do you weigh a giraffe? What do you feed a black howler monkey? You can ask these questions and more at two of our newest “chats” – Zoo Vet: Ask me Anything! and Zoo Chef: Eat Like an Animal.  

J the black-handed spider monkey lifts up his leg, which is encased in a brace.

Have You Spotted J the Spider Monkey’s New Footwear?

You might spot a brace on one of our black-handed spider monkey’s feet occasionally. J is getting used to his new brace, which will hopefully correct his gait.

Florida grasshopper sparrow chick at exam

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Chicks Are Here!

We are happy to share that our first-ever Florida grasshopper sparrow chicks have hatched at the Zoo.

Lions on habitat

How to Move a Lion

Bringing lions to Brevard Zoo required the time, resources and cooperation of both our Zoo team as well as Naples Zoo, the facility that cared for the boys from birth. Read on to learn all about the work that went into bringing them to our Zoo.

Getting Ready for Lions

Bringing in a new species, especially one as complex as lions, is not easy. Our Zoo staff worked hard to build a habitat that encouraged their natural behaviors while also keeping the lions and their animal care team safe.