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a masked lapwing portrait

Meet the Animals: Masked Lapwings

Meet our four masked lapwings! It may be a bit tricky to catch a glimpse of these ground-dwelling birds, but these birds will let you know they’re nearby with their high-pitched vocalizations, especially during breeding season.  

A black howler monkey infant clings to his mom's tail.

Where can I find that Zoo baby?

It’s been a baby bonanza at our Zoo over the last few months! Read on to learn more about each of the new babies we’ve welcomed. 

A North Sulawesi babirusa and her two piglets.

Introducing our North Sulawesi Babirusa Piglets

We’re squealing with excitement! Our North Sulawesi babirusa, Piggy, has given birth to twins.

Kirby the Reeve's muntjac

Meet the Animal: Reeve’s Muntjacs

The next time you see a flash of brown run past you on the sandy trail, we can assure you it wasn’t your imagination. It’s likely one of our two Reeve’s muntjacs, Harriet or Kirby! With their shy personalities and slight stature, they often go unnoticed by the average zoo-goer.  

Sheldon the Komodo dragon sticking out his tongue to smell the air.

Saying Goodbye to Sheldon the Komodo Dragon

Sheldon has been a long-time resident of our Zoo and a favorite among guests and keepers alike. However, unfortunately for our Zoo community, Sheldon will be leaving us around early October. While you may be disappointed to see Sheldon go, it is for an exciting reason!

A sedated ring-tailed lemur receives gold bead acupuncture.

Providing Gold Bead Acupuncture to Aging Animals

Two of our older animal residents recently received gold bead implants, a permanent type of acupuncture, as our animal care team works to help them age comfortably with us.  

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