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White-nosed coati baby

Welcoming Coati Babies to their Habitat

Visit our Rainforest Revealed loop soon to see some white-nosed coati cuteness! Our eight – yes, eight – coati babies are now on habitat with their moms, Sky and Rita! 

A giant otter swimming

Meet the Animals: Felix and Ophelia the Giant Otters

 Since 2019, we have been otter-ly amazed by our two giant otters, Felix and Ophelia.  

Jay and Marceline greeting eachother

What We’ve Learned from Confiscated Spider Monkey Introductions

When it comes to our two confiscated spider monkey infants, Finn and Marceline, we have learned a lot about this species’ behavior when it comes to introducing them to the rest of the troop members. From sweet monkey embraces to avoiding small squabbles, here’s what we’ve discovered so far.

A mother spider monkey holding their offspring.

Announcing Our New Spider Monkey Baby

We have some exciting news to tail you! Tika the black-handed spider monkey has given birth, and both Mom and baby are doing great.

Welcoming White-Nosed Coati Babies

Our Zoo is home to the first white-nosed coati births in about 7 years in a North American facility accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

A baby sloth clinging to Mom.

Introducing a New Sloth Baby

Sammy our 18-year-old Linne’s two-toed sloth gave birth to a healthy baby on March 14. Sammy, having delivered three babies before, is an expert caretaker, and both Mom and baby are doing great.

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