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We believe everyone has the right to experience the Zoo and the great outdoors, regardless of ability. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing an accessible experience to all of our guests.



Wheelchairs are welcome in all areas of the Zoo. Some walkways include slight ramps and the Kangaroo Walkabout path is made of finely crushed coquina. Rainforest Revealed features an elevated walkway that can be accessed by a lift; we recommend calling prior to your visit to confirm the lift is operational. Temporary exhibits may include mulch paths. Attractions such as kayaking and Treetop Trek cannot accommodate wheeled devices.

Mobility devices are available at Guest Services on a first-come, first-serve basis. Wheelchairs can be rented for $10 and electric conveyance vehicles for $27 including tax. Please see our main service window to purchase your rentals.



Brevard Zoo has two family/unisex restrooms located outside the front entrance. All restrooms in the zoo have one wheelchair-accessible stall. The two restrooms by the gift shop have adult-size changing tables in the wheelchair-accessible stall.



As a KultureCity Sensory Inclusive certified organization, we offer both sensory bags and lanyards for our guests to borrow. Both items can be checked out at Guest Services and the Cape to Cairo Express ticket booth on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each bag includes a weighted lap pad, noise-canceling headphones, fidget toys and other items that may help guests with unique sensory-processing needs get the most out of their Zoo experience. There is no charge to use a sensory bag. The lanyard can be check out separately if guests do not want to check out the bag.



Individuals living with paralysis or decreased mobility are invited to kayak through the Zoo’s Wetlands area in our Wild Florida section! Thanks to a grant from the Reeve Foundation, the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System will allow guests the option to transfer into our kayaks with the use of a transfer bench. This device assists individuals using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, or those with limited mobility to transfer into their kayak independently. It also provides extra stability when launching and docking. The EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System is available to the public when Wetlands kayaking is open or with the approval of our Director of Operations.

If you are planning your visit to the Zoo and would like to use this system, please call us ahead of time to ensure it is running and staffed! If your visit is more impromptu, you can always come by our Guest Services office to see if it’s possible to reserve a time to use the kayaking system. Please note that age and weight requirements for using this system are the same as our general policies for Wetlands kayaking. Guests must have the ability to independently transfer to use the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System for their safety. Users must also provide verbal or nonverbal communication of their complete understanding of this before starting the transfer.



  • Ages 5-12: Must have someone over the age of 18 in the kayak with them
  • Ages 13-15: Must have someone with them; does not have to be in the same kayak
  • Ages 16+: No restrictions
  • Weight limit is a combined 525 lbs.



Social narratives are a tool to help plan your visit by introducing guests to the Zoo and to multiple adventures and experiences that are available. Tips and tricks are included for each activity, as well as the “Do’s” of the experience. The social narratives are designed for children with autism spectrum disorders to enhance their Zoo experience, but may be used by anyone.

You can view (and download) any of our social narratives below:

Questions about accessibility at the Zoo? Feel free to contact Amy at ashea@brevardzoo.org.



The Sensory Guide is a tool to help you plan your visit if guests in your group have sensory sensitivities. Zoo activities, tours and loops have been individually assessed by their sensory experience, including the sensations of touch, smell, sound, sight, movement and complexity. Sensations are rated from “mild” to “high.”

You can view (and download) our sensory guide here



The Zoo offers three quiet zones. A quiet zone is a designated space that people can retreat to when they feel overwhelmed and overloaded by the sensory input from the zoo environment.  The Quiet Zones are located at Sea Turtle Beach and the Wetlands, which are accessible without a zoo staff member. The Quiet Zone located in the Exceptional Nature Space is behind the scenes of the zoo and will require a staff member to escort guests to the zone. Guests can contact Guest Services to access the Exceptional Nature Space Quiet Zone or if you are planning a future visit and would like to plan access to this area contact edregistrar@brevardzoo.org.

The ENS was made possible by Alstom Foundation, John and Carol Craig, Joni and Doug Norton, Peggie and Martin Avalos, Nelson Cover III and attendees of 2016’s Safari Under the Stars event.