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A juvenile sea turtle posing on a white towel.

Plastic Pollution Has Detrimental Effects on Young Sea Turtles

We follow the cases of three young sea turtle patients who battled with plastic pollution. While two did not make it, one juvenile turtle is on her way to making an amazing recovery.

A black-handed spider monkey baby in a hammock.

Rescuing Finn and Marceline the Spider Monkeys

Two confiscated black-handed spider monkey infants are calling our Zoo home for now.  

An Eastern Bongo calf laying in a bush

Welcoming a New Eastern Bongo Calf

Bongo Denver gave birth to her first calf on December 28. The female calf is healthy and weighs in at about 43 pounds.  

Herps & Aquatics keepers handling a stingray before a CT scan.

Wheeler the Stingray Gets a CT Scan

Wheeler, our 3-year-old southern stingray, turned our L3Harris Animal Care Center into a regular Ray’s Anatomy episode when he tried out our new CT machine. While various species of turtles and an iguana have tested out the machine prior to Wheeler, the stingray introduced a much bigger challenge than the other Zoo residents: His need to be submerged in a tank of water.

A veterinary nurse places a freshwater turtle on the bed of a CT.

Adding a CT to Our Animal Wellbeing Offerings

We’re proud to share the a new piece of diagnostic equipment at has been installed our L3Harris Animal Care Center: A computerized tomography (CT) scanner!

Hoof Trim Training for People

Our animal care team takes a special training course in order to learn how to do hoof trims on animal residents like our giraffe!

A photo of Rafiki the giraffe

Rafiki’s New Shoes

Our 25-year-old giraffe Rafiki is experiencing some health issues. We’re hopeful that our innovative care will help him continue to age comfortably with us.

Green sea turtle spicy Hawaiian gets chiropractic care.

Offering Chiropractic Care to Our Sea Turtle Patients

One of our Sea Turtle Healing Center patients, Spicy Hawaiian the juvenile green sea turtle, has been receiving this treatment!