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An alligator snapping turtle

Meet the Animal: Capone the Alligator Snapping Turtle

We have many very spe-shell reptile residents who call our Zoo home, but few have been around as long as Capone. Capone, who has been a member of the Zoo for about 15 years, is our 57-year-old alligator snapping turtle whose habitat is tucked to the side near our alligators and crested caracara in the Wild Florida loop.

Bigfoot-themed camper

Bigfoot at the Brevard Zoo?

Join the believers at the Brevard Zoo as we host the Bigfoot Discovery Tour, a chance to check out the camping space rumored to be Bigfoot’s home away from home in the Zoo’s Wild Florida loop! In honor of Sasquatch. We’ll also be hosting fun educational activities all about mythical animals!

A Florida black bear

Celebrating Our Florida Black Bear Trio

Happy Februbeary! We’re celebrating our Florida black bear trio – Betty, Brody and Cheyenne – this month!

A white-tailed deer and fallow deer sniffing one another.

Meet the Animals: White-Tailed and Fallow Deer

Deerly beloved, we are gathered virtually here today to talk about one of the most underrated trios in the Zoo: our lovely white-tailed and fallow deer ladies.

A Florida black bear walking away from a tub

Checking in on Brody the Florida Black Bear

When our CT became fully functional last year, there was one animal resident who was at the top of our veterinary team’s list for a scan: 3-year-old Brody the Florida black bear.

A crested caracara tilts her head

Meet the Animals: Camilla the Crested Caracara

Get to know our crested caracara Camilla in this month’s Meet the Animals blogpost! Camilla lives in our Wild Florida section.

National Zookeeper Week: Wild Florida Team

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on the incredible animal care staff at Brevard Zoo. Read on to learn about our Wild Florida team!

Peach the fallow deer stands in her habitat.

Spot Our New Deer!

A new fallow deer named Peach is calling our Wild Florida area home now! Fallow deer like Peach actually keep their spotted coat into adulthood!