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An alligator snapping turtle

Meet the Animal: Capone the Alligator Snapping Turtle

We have many very spe-shell reptile residents who call our Zoo home, but few have been around as long as Capone. Capone, who has been a member of the Zoo for about 15 years, is our 57-year-old alligator snapping turtle whose habitat is tucked to the side near our alligators and crested caracara in the Wild Florida loop.

A white-tailed deer and fallow deer sniffing one another.

Meet the Animals: White-Tailed and Fallow Deer

Deerly beloved, we are gathered virtually here today to talk about one of the most underrated trios in the Zoo: our lovely white-tailed and fallow deer ladies.

Ostrich looking off into the distance.

Meet the Animal: Little Foot the Ostrich

While you may not have gotten up-close and personal with this spunky Zoo resident, it’s no secret among staff that Little Foot is beloved for his not-so-little personality. Ostriches as a species are known for their fiery personalities, but you may be surprised to learn that this ostrich wasn’t always so bold.

Kirby the Reeve's muntjac

Meet the Animal: Reeve’s Muntjacs

The next time you see a flash of brown run past you on the sandy trail, we can assure you it wasn’t your imagination. It’s likely one of our two Reeve’s muntjacs, Harriet or Kirby! With their shy personalities and slight stature, they often go unnoticed by the average zoo-goer.  

Shelley the Brazilian porcupine eating.

Meet the Animal: Shelley the Brazilian Porcupine

Get to know one of our cutest Animal Ambassadors here at Brevard Zoo.

A crested caracara tilts her head

Meet the Animals: Camilla the Crested Caracara

Get to know our crested caracara Camilla in this month’s Meet the Animals blogpost! Camilla lives in our Wild Florida section.

A stingray is fed seafood

Meet the Animals: Stingrays

Get to know our group of stingrays in this month’s Meet the Animals feature!

Southern ground hornbill

Meet the Animals: Southern Ground Hornbills

Meet our Southern ground hornbills, J.D. and Newman! J.D. has been at our Zoo for about 20 years, while Newman has been with us for 11 years.