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A baby sloth clinging to Mom.

Introducing a New Sloth Baby

Sammy our 18-year-old Linne’s two-toed sloth gave birth to a healthy baby on March 14. Sammy, having delivered three babies before, is an expert caretaker, and both Mom and baby are doing great.

Higgins the two-toed sloth

Check In With Our Sloths!

Join us as we celebrate International Sloth Day by checking in with our six two-toed sloth residents!

Two-toed sloth Lorenzo

Check In With Our Sloth Family

Learn all about our group of two-toed sloths, and what they’ve been up to lately!

Sloth Baby #2 Has Arrived!

This little one is being hand-reared by animal care staff.

sloth baby

Sammy’s Baby Is Here!

This little sloth was born on April 8 following a 10-month pregnancy.


Did Someone Say Another Baby Sloth?

Double trouble! We welcomed another baby sloth on Friday, January 4.

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