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Higgins the two-toed sloth

Check In With Our Sloths!

Join us as we celebrate International Sloth Day by checking in with our six two-toed sloth residents!

Two-toed sloth Lorenzo

Check In With Our Sloth Family

Learn all about our group of two-toed sloths, and what they’ve been up to lately!

Sloth Baby #2 Has Arrived!

This little one is being hand-reared by animal care staff.

sloth baby

Sammy’s Baby Is Here!

This little sloth was born on April 8 following a 10-month pregnancy.


Did Someone Say Another Baby Sloth?

Double trouble! We welcomed another baby sloth on Friday, January 4.


Cute Alert: A Recap of Our 2018 Babies

Take a look back at our cutest moments of 2018.

sloth plush ii

Adopt the Baby Sloth!

Our first-ever baby sloth has been stealing hearts left and right, and we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to symbolically adopt them! 

slow sloth1

Why Sloths Are Slow, But That’s Okay

These little guys are often associated with laziness, but sloths have actually adapted to be slow in order to survive!