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Expedition Africa: Change Is in the Air

The arrival of a new train presented the perfect opportunity to create positive change.

Farrier trimming Iggy the zebra's hoof

Enhancing Wellness One Hoof at a Time

Farrier Steve Foxworth paid the Zoo a visit to help our staff improve their hoof-trimming techniques.

lorraine tessa

A Tribute to Lorraine and Tessa

We recently made the difficult but humane decision to euthanize two of our most long-term residents.

Lauren bottle feeding baby Lilly the kangaroo

Filling in for Mom

Raising baby animals may seem like fun, but it’s a lot of work!

Scimitar-horned oryx

Bringing Scimitar-Horned Oryx Back from the Brink

These majestic animals disappeared from the wild. Zoos are helping to bring them back.