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Hoof Trim Training for People

Our animal care team takes a special training course in order to learn how to do hoof trims on animal residents like our giraffe!

A photo of Rafiki the giraffe

Rafiki’s New Shoes

Our 25-year-old giraffe Rafiki is experiencing some health issues. We’re hopeful that our innovative care will help him continue to age comfortably with us.

Giraffe standing in a clump of trees.

Offering Our Animal Residents Meaningful Choice and Control

We believe meaningful choices and control is essential to our animal resident’s wellbeing. Learn more about how we provide this to them!

Africa keepers work with giraffe

National Zookeeper Week: Africa Team

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on the incredible animal care staff at Brevard Zoo. Read on to learn about our Africa team!

A grinder is used on a Grevy's zebra hoof.

Hooves to Nose Checkup for Grévy’s Zebra Bakari

Our Grevy’s zebra stallion Bakari got a full work-up recently from nose to hooves – so to speak! The 10-year-old received a dental exam along with a hoof trim while sedated.

Matt Quavillon shows off an animal diet at his Zoo Chat.

New Chats Give Behind-the-Scenes Info on Animal Care

How do you weigh a giraffe? What do you feed a black howler monkey? You can ask these questions and more at two of our newest “chats” – Zoo Vet: Ask me Anything! and Zoo Chef: Eat Like an Animal.  

Iggy’s New Shoes

Iggy is modeling a pair of polyurethane “shoes” to help her recover from an injury.

Farrier trimming Iggy the zebra's hoof

Enhancing Wellness One Hoof at a Time

Farrier Steve Foxworth paid the Zoo a visit to help our staff improve their hoof-trimming techniques.