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Two Florida grasshopper sparrow chicks in a nest

Welcoming Our First Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Chicks of the Season

We’re delighted to share that our Florida grasshopper sparrow season has gotten off on a flying start: the first chicks of the year have been born!

Florida grasshopper sparrow

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Success – Again!

Our second breeding season for the critically endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows has ended with incredible success!

Florida grasshopper sparrow being released on the prarie.

National Zookeeper Week: Conservation Team

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on the incredible animal care staff at Brevard Zoo. Read on to learn about our Conservation keeper team!

Florida grasshopper sparrow chick

Our First Grasshopper Sparrow Chicks of the Season Have Arrived

Our first Florida grasshopper sparrow chicks of the season have hatched to parents Peg and Eddie.

A woman stands surrounded by aquarium tanks.

Celebrating Women in Science: Kelly Currier, Conservation Coordinator

This International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we wanted to introduce you to a few of our Zoo team members and get their insights on their fields. Meet Kelly Currier, our Conservation Coordinator.

Florida grasshopper sparrow at the Zoo

Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Success

Our first breeding season for the critically endangered Florida grasshopper sparrow has ended, and was wildly successful! A total of 47 birds were released or will be released into their natural range.

Florida grasshopper sparrow release

Releasing Grasshopper Sparrows

Five juvenile Florida grasshopper sparrows were sent into their natural range on June 22, contributing to the population of this critically endangered species.

Eastern bongo Ginger

Endangered Species at the Zoo

This Endangered Species Day, we are taking a closer look at some of the threatened species that call Brevard Zoo home.