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Southern white rhino

Using Science to Breed Our Rhinos: A Bittersweet Ending

It is with bittersweet emotions that we share that after many months of collaborative efforts, we are marking the end of our rhino AI journey after learning that 21-year-old Kibibi is not pregnant.

Kibibi white rhino AI during AI procedure.

Using Science to Breed Our Rhinos: The Big Day

We’re thrilled to share that rhinoceros Kibibi recently reached the goal of being artificially inseminated. While we can’t yet confirm that she’s pregnant, we are hopeful!

Keeper Chelsea with rhino

Using Science to Breed Our Rhinos: First Steps

In order to support the population of southern white rhinoceroses, we’re turning to artificial insemination to breed this critical species.

Expedition Africa: Change Is in the Air

The arrival of a new train presented the perfect opportunity to create positive change.


Howard’s Big Move Out West

Under a recommendation from the white rhino Species Survival Plan, Howard will soon be heading to Phoenix Zoo.


Monitoring Kibibi’s Health

Kibibi is undergoing treatment for issues with her digestive tract.

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