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A posed photo of our giraffe Rafiki.

Remembering Rafiki

We’re heartbroken to share that Rafiki, one of our original five giraffes to be on habitat when Expedition Africa opened in 2003, was humanely euthanized following ongoing age-related medical issues.

A photo of Rafiki the giraffe

Rafiki’s New Shoes

Our 25-year-old giraffe Rafiki is experiencing some health issues. We’re hopeful that our innovative care will help him continue to age comfortably with us.

A keeper holds a cake made of rye crackers to Rafiki the giraffe

Happy Birthday, Rafiki!

Rafiki the Masai giraffe is turning 24 years old! He is one of the best-known animal residents at Brevard Zoo.

The Zoo’s Best Animal Dads

Our animal fathers may not tell dad jokes, but we think they’re pretty awesome anyways! This Father’s Day, we wanted to give you a look at some of our favorite animal dads within the Zoo.

Pepper the cheetah

Understanding Life Expectancy

Our team conducts quality of life assessments anytime an animal has an injury or illness; or when they reach 80 percent of their lifespan. Illnesses and injuries are easy to define, but how do we know when an animal has reached that 80 percent mark? 

Giraffe Rafiki

Compassionate Care For Our Older Residents

When Zoo residents grow older, our animal care team steps up in a big way to ensure they receive the most compassionate care.

Catching up With Rafiki

What is the big guy up to these days?

Mother giraffe with calf

Our Giraffe Tower Is Growing!

It’s another boy—the sixth consecutive male giraffe born at the Zoo!