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A small baby klipspringer sitting in hay

Welcoming a Baby Klipspringer

Deborah and Ajabu, our klipspringer pair, have welcomed their seventh offspring at our Zoo! The young male klipspringer is now doing well, but this baby’s first few days started off on unsure footing.

Newborn klipspringer baby

A Bundle of Joy: Welcoming Our Baby Klipspringer

A baby klipspringer was born on March 18 to mom Deborah! The pair are spending time bonding behind the scenes.

The Zoo’s Best Animal Dads

Our animal fathers may not tell dad jokes, but we think they’re pretty awesome anyways! This Father’s Day, we wanted to give you a look at some of our favorite animal dads within the Zoo.

Klipspringer calf

Meet Our New Klipspringer Calf

Last week, we welcomed a tiny antelope, who is living behind the scenes as he bonds with mom Deborah.

Male klipspringer calf

Meet Our Newest Antelope Calf!

This klipspringer calf, who was born just last week, is already stealing our hearts.

Ajabu radiograph

Keeping an Eye on Ajabu

See how our animal care team is monitoring a bony growth on klipspringer Ajabu.

Baby female klipspringer

Welcome Klipspringer Clarice to the Zoo!

Our newest Zoo baby is sure to make you smile! This female klipspringer, born mid-April, has a name fitting for an animal this adorable.