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Our Sea Turtles Get CT Scans Just like Humans

At our Healing Center, we treat sea turtle patients of varying injuries and diseases; some of which require CT scans to check for internal tumors.

Adopt the Baby Sloth!

Our first-ever baby sloth has been stealing hearts left and right, and we’re thrilled to give you the opportunity to symbolically adopt them! 

Some of Our Volunteers Have Unusual Assignments

Our volunteers are integral to the daily operations of the Zoo and some of them have more unusual tasks than others.

Meet the Patients: Shrimp

Where Your #GivingZOOday Contribution Will Go

For this year’s #GivingZOOday, all donations will go toward enrichment items for our Florida black bear. You’ll be able to see these items in action when the bear habitat opens in early 2019!

Egg Drops & Escape Trails: Looking Forward to This Year’s Winter Camps

Don’t miss out on all of the fun at this year’s Winter Camps!

Filtering Fun: What It Takes to Operate Our Aquariums

If you’ve visited our Paws On area, you’ve probably seen our aquariums, but do you know what it takes to operate all of that water?

Why Sloths Are Slow, But That’s Okay

These little guys are often associated with laziness, but sloths have actually adapted to be slow in order to survive!



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