Behind the Scenes

Welcome to Behind the Scenes

Rock Hyrax Pups: Furry Potatoes

What are tiny, furry and look an awful lot like potatoes? Rock hyrax pups, of course! Read all about Gnocchi and Hashbrown.

Meet the Patients: Pelican

Honey Is a Sweeter Kind of Medicine

We’ve told you about our busy bees before, but did you know they’re hard at work helping patients recover at our Sea Turtle Healing Center?

“Meet” Our Spring 2018 Quarters for Conservation Projects

For the next three months, your vote will support a conservation project helping marine mammals throughout the world’s oceans.

Meet the Patients: Astro

Double Trouble: Emu Chicks

Following an eight-week incubation, two adorable emu chicks emerged from their eggs in Lands of Change: Australia and Beyond—and they are adorable!

What is AZA Accreditation?

This weekend, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) announced our accreditation has been renewed for another five years. What does this distinction mean for you, our community and the planet?

Farewell, Rufus and Bosc

Whether it’s a relative, friend, pet or Zoo animal, the final goodbye is always heartbreaking. Earlier this week, we said farewell to two of our most beloved ambassador animals: Rufus the naked mole-rat and Bosc the savannah monitor.



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