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We’re Turning Zoo Poo into Compost

Who knew animal poo could be turned into the landscaping equivalent of magic?

Babirusa piglet

Our First Babirusa Piglet Is Here!

On Saturday, August 4, two-year-old Piggy delivered Java, the first north Sulawesi babirusa ever born at the Zoo!

Gus, rainbow lorikeet

Goodbye, Gus

We are sad to report that Gus, our most famous rainbow lorikeet, died yesterday morning at the estimated age of nineteen.

Rocky Road a green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Rocky Road

Louis a green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Louis

Gator a green sea turtle

Meet the Patients: Gator

Rafiki the giraffe

20 Years of Rafiki

When it comes to iconic Brevard Zoo animals, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Masaya the jaguar in overhead tunnel

Jaguars in Transition

Big changes are underway for the jaguars!



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