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Female baby klipspringer

Rudolph lovers, rejoice! This sweet girl has a festive name.

On Monday, April 15 we greeted our newest baby—a klipspringer—who might just be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. A neonatal exam determined that the baby, who weighed less than two pounds at birth, is a female, and animal staff report that her mother is properly nursing and grooming her.

Safari Under the Stars guests were given the opportunity to name the calf on Saturday, April 27, and the winner gave this sweet girl a fitting name. The baby was named Clarice in honor of Rudolph’s girlfriend in the 1964 holiday TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Clarice, who was sired by four-year-old Ajabu, is currently behind the scenes with her mother. She will be introduced to Ajabu before transitioning into the klipspringer habitat in Expedition Africa.

Klipspringer, which are small antelope, typically give birth to one offspring after a gestation period of six to seven months and can live up to 18 years in human care.

These mammals generally only reach 15–20 inches in height and are often found jumping from rock to rock as their specialized hooves make them skilled climbers. The klipspringer does not face any major threats in its natural range.