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The newest addition will be hard to spot for quite a few months.

Slowww the presses. We have another exciting baby announcement! Sammy our 18-year-old Linne’s two-toed sloth gave birth to a healthy baby on March 14. Sammy, having delivered three babies before, is an expert caretaker, and both Mom and baby are doing great.

The tiny sloth has been seen nursing often throughout the day and clinging onto Mom.

“The baby sleeps most of the time but will sometimes open their eyes to look around. Then, it’s right back to napping or nursing,” said Assistant Curator of Animals, Sidnee Santana-Mellor.

This baby will stay holding onto Sammy for about six months to a year and start to explore off of Mom after a couple of months. Being so close with Mom all day, our veterinary staff will not perform any exams anytime soon, meaning we won’t know the gender of the baby for quite some time.

Hours after giving birth, the pair was back out on habitat and taking snacks from her animal care team. She also was sure to sneak in plenty of naps throughout the day, as well. Sammy also continues to have access to a private behind-the-scenes area if she prefers some quite time.

Yuki and Chuckie, her saki monkey habitat-mates, haven’t shown too much interest in the new addition so far.

If you want to get a glimpse of the new duo, hang around their Rainforest Revealed habitat for a chance to view them.

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