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sloth feeding

The baby is fed goat’s milk once every three hours.

If one isn’t exciting enough for you, how about a second baby sloth? This adorable little one was born to mom Tango on May 12.

Unfortunately, things got off to a rocky start. Tango was not exhibiting any maternal instincts when keepers discovered the new arrival, so, after a few hours of observation, the baby was brought behind the scenes and bottle-fed. An attempt to reunite the pair the following morning was unsuccessful.

The baby has grown quickly over the past few weeks and is thriving under the care of general curator Lauren Hinson, who famously hand-reared Lorenzo several years ago. Hinson and her staff feed the newborn once every three hours—even in the middle of the night.

Baby sloth fans will be relieved to know Sammy is still doing a great job looking after her little one, who was born on April 8 and has become quite the explorer!

Quality animal care is expensive. If you’d like to help us care for Tango’s baby, click here to make a contribution.