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Building a Manatee Rehabilitation Facility

Brevard Zoo is building a manatee rehabilitation center on Zoo grounds this year in an effort to help this Florida species.

How We’re Helping Manatees

Your amazing generosity on Giving Tuesday has allowed us to establish a sizable team dedicated to helping rescue, recover and provision manatees.

Manatee release

Giving ZOOday: Help Us Support Manatees

This #GivingZOOday, Brevard Zoo is raising money to establish a manatee rescue team to help save this important species.

In the Field: Releasing Susan the Manatee

Safe travels, Susan!

A crew releases manatees

In the Field: Releasing a Manatee Duo

Zoo staff members were on hand to help an adult female manatee and her calf return to the Indian River Lagoon.

Southprong release

In the Field: Manatee Release

An eclectic team of Zoo employees met at a boat ramp in Port St. John yesterday to help an animal that they had never met.

Sarah with fish tattoo

Zoo Tattoos: Sarah

Sarah brings her love for the ocean wherever she goes.


There’s Something About Manatees

Manatees’ massive bodies, gentle nature and squishy faces make it hard to not say “aww.” We’re doing our part to help these beloved sea cows thrive in the wild!