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Cat and dog food

Supporting Other Local Organizations This Giving Tuesday

We’re supporting Paws on Wheels by asking our staff and volunteers to donate cat and dog food in honor of Giving Tuesday.

Giving ZOOday: Support our Bear Trio

This Giving ZOOday, we’re asking for your help to support the level of care we give our Florida black bears, Cheyenne, Brody and Betty.

How We’re Helping Manatees

Your amazing generosity on Giving Tuesday has allowed us to establish a sizable team dedicated to helping rescue, recover and provision manatees.

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Where Your #GivingZOOday Contribution Will Go

For this year’s #GivingZOOday, all donations will go toward enrichment items for our Florida black bear. You’ll be able to see these items in action when the bear habitat opens in early 2019!

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