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Oakley will be missed by Zoo staff and guests alike.

Due to deteriorating quality of life caused by cancer, we made the compassionate decision to euthanize Oakley the white-tailed deer on Tuesday afternoon.

Oakley—who was 11 years old and arrived at the Zoo in 2008—was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June 2017, and we were able to maintain a high quality of life for her through medication. Cancer recently developed near her pelvis, which led to lameness in her left hind leg. It became clear there was nothing more we could do to alleviate her pain.

“Oakley was a favorite of ours,” said Rachel, one of Oakley’s keepers. “She always liked to get scratches and attention. When we were cleaning the yard, she’d come get in your way and step on your tools so that you had to pay attention to her. Oakley loved peanuts and Craisins, and she’d stick her nose in our pockets looking for treats. When we weren’t around, she’d spend a lot of time with the guests getting food from them.”

Please keep Oakley’s keepers in your thoughts during this challenging time.