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Plant-based compostable cup

Unlike their plastic counterparts, plant-based cups will break down in just a few months when composted properly.

Update: Thanks to your support, we diverted more than a ton of waste from the landfill!

As part of our vision for a sustainable future, we’ve committed to making Zoo events as environmentally friendly as possible. Jazzoo, which is expected to attract more than 1,500 guests, poses a challenging question: how do you “green up” an event featuring bottomless drinks and unlimited food from dozens of restaurants?

The amount of waste produced by an event of this magnitude is typically overwhelming. For health and safety reasons, every food item must be served on a clean plate or napkin; in years past, this has resulted in large piles of single-use plastic products at the end of the night. Rather than renting reusable plates and utensils, which are often broken or mistakenly placed in the trash, we’re purchasing service items made from sugarcane for our vendors to use.

Along with unwanted food, these items can be placed in compost bins and stay out of the landfill. That leads to some more tough inquiries: who’s equipped to take in compost generated by 1,500 people? Can they compost meat and dairy products, which are notorious for attracting flies and maggots and taking longer to break down?

The answer to both questions is Bay Mulch, a facility in Plant City. Bay Mulch mixes organic matter with nitrogen-rich materials like paper and leaves to trigger the natural compost process. Once broken down, the compost is handed off to local farmers and used to fertilize crops.

This is only the beginning. The insights we take away from this year’s Jazzoo will be used to make other special events and our day-to-day operations more sustainable. Our very own compost facility will be up and running in a few months, ready to process herbivore poop and plant debris.

Want to be a part of this historic first? Come to Jazzoo on Saturday, November 4! Click here to purchase your tickets.