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Jaime holding chicken while showing her tattoo of a chicken

As lovers of animals and nature, many Brevard Zoo staff members wear their passions on their skin. Zoo Tattoos explores the stories behind these meaningful works of art. 

Zoo School instructor Jaime has an important job: getting students excited about animals. Fortunately, it comes naturally to her, as evidenced by her sizeable collection of zoological tattoos.

Jaime’s newest tattoo is a “family portrait” featuring herself as a barn owl (Jaime’s favorite animal), her husband as a great horned owl and their son as a screech owl.

The chicken on her left shoulder is a tribute to an old friend. Two years ago, Jaime purchased four chicks; she believed they were all female, but as they grew, it became clear that one, Artie, was a male. Because roosters are notoriously loud, many neighborhoods prohibit their possession. Jaime found a new home for Artie at an animal sanctuary in Tallahassee, where his caretakers report he is thriving.

Other tattoos feature her dog Arcadia and cat Puma. Jaime plans to commemorate her late horse-loving grandfather with a Percheron on her back.