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Eastern lowland gorilla

Through your support, our Wildlife Emergency Fund is able to help wildlife throughout the world. This fund was recently able to help a nonprofit address a dire threat to the wildlife it serves.

Snares used for catching wild animalsThe funds received by Kahuzi–Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were used to organize an effort to collect a diverse range of snares in the park, which is the habitat of the critically endangered eastern lowland gorilla. In collaboration with a local community association “Ntwali,” the park was also able to remove a hunting rifle, traps and a spear.

Making this national park safe was critical for the wellbeing of a number of animal species, some of which are threatened by extinction and/or can be found only this area.

This national park, a World Heritage Site in eastern DRC, is one of the most important protected areas for the conservation of the eastern lowland gorilla, which is also known as the Grauer’s gorilla. This is the only place people can view this subspecies of gorilla in its natural habitat. The park is also home to 14 threatened mammal species and 11 threatened bird species.

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