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A black rhino

Our Zoo also provided an emergency grant to Mkomazi National Park, which protects black rhinos! (Photo courtesy of Mkomazi National Park).

Through your support, our Wildlife Emergency Fund is able to help wildlife throughout the world. This fund was recently able to help two nonprofits address dire threats to the wildlife they serve.

While our Zoo continued to monitor and guard against avian flu this fall, we sent funds to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) to deal with an outbreak amongst the African penguins undergoing rehabilitation at their seabird hospital in Cape Town.

The outbreak set in motion a quarantine state and strict biosecurity measures. The organization faced many challenges since then, including having to close their doors to the public. However, after vigorous PCR testing and negative results, the seabirds are able to be released back into their natural ranges! They have also demobilized their off-site quarantine facility.

Our Zoo also provided an emergency grant to Mkomazi National Park. This park is the home of black rhinos among other species. Tourists are able to watch rhinos at close range since the park has installed an electric fence in two areas where the black rhinos are, this protects them from poachers and predators.

When one of their fence energizers was damaged due to a natural disaster, they applied to the Zoo’s emergency grant to get a replacement.

Our WEF is made possible through the sale of collectible animal buttons, which are created by our volunteers and sold throughout the Zoo. We encourage you to make your own donation to one of these organizations or collect our animal buttons so we can help even more animals in need!

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