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We’re wishing our gray foxes, Thelma and Louise, well as they head to another facility.

Some changes are in the works in our Wild Florida loop. Our animal care team is always reflecting on the needs of our animal residents, and we’ve seen that our foxes’ current home with us isn’t ideal for their more shy, reclusive personalities. we will be saying goodbye to our two grey fox sisters, Thelma and Louise, as they venture off to their eventual new home at another facility.

Their habitat will soon become a part of a larger bobcat complex featuring an overhead tunnel system that connects this section with the existing bobcat habitats for our bobcats, Eko and Abby.

We couldn’t bid these two farewell without sharing more about them! Read this special edition of our Meet the Animals blogs to learn all about Thelma and Louise.

This pair of 8-year-old foxes have called our Zoo home since October 2014, residing in a habitat across from our lions and bobcat Eko. Thelma and Louise are more active at dawn and dusk, spending much of their days resting and napping around their habitat. Grey foxes are specially adapted to climb, meaning you’re most likely to spot the pair sleeping on a high perch!

Working with each species is unique in its own way, and foxes are no different. “We’re lucky in that we can share the same space as the foxes,” said Marc Franzen, the Area Supervisor of Wild Florida. “This allows us to get up close looks at them every day and gives us the opportunity to be more hands on with their training and care.” Each day consists of feeding and cleaning, plus the introduction of novel enrichment to encourage natural behaviors for their species.

“Sometimes, that means introducing enrichment to the foxes in the afternoon knowing that they are more active in the evening,” said Marc.

The fox sisters eat a diet that consists of mice, rats, chicks, quail and rabbit as well as fruits (like blueberries and raspberries) and vegetables (like sweet potato and carrot).

According to Marc, Thelma is a bit more hesitant than Louise. “Thelma usually prefers to observe situations from a place of high elevation before she investigates further. Louise is more willing to come down to investigate.”

We will miss these two dearly but wish them well at their next home.

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