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black chicken

Meet the Animals: Chickens

Our five hens – CJ, Jemima Puddleduck, Mrs. Tiggywinkle, Kitty in Boots, and Roly Poly Pudding – live in the Barnyard area of Paws On.

Golden-headed lion tamarin

Meet the Animals: Golden-Headed Lion Tamarins

Meet our 12-year-old golden-headed lion tamarins siblings, Brissa and Eduardo.

Changes Coming to Wild Florida

Some changes are in the works in our Wild Florida loop. We will be saying goodbye to our two grey fox sisters as they head to another facility.

Box turtle Maleficent targeting.

Meet the Animals: Box Turtles

Meet the eight box turtles that live at the Zoo!

Victoria crowned pigeon

Meet the Animals: Victoria Crowned Pigeons

Meet our Victoria crowned pigeons: Pidgey and Pidgeot. Learn all about these majestic birds and their lives at the Zoo!

Squirrel monkey

Meet the Animals: Squirrel Monkeys Pablo and Bruiser

Meet Pablo and Bruiser, two squirrel monkeys who live at the Zoo!