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Capybara approaches lettuce.

Calypso sniffs out a yummy snack!

We are excited to announce our first new Rainforest Revealed inhabitant has arrived: Calypso the capybara! This six-year-old rodent made her appearance at the Zoo on Thursday, March 7. Although some of our current animals will call Rainforest Revealed their home, Calypso is the first new member of the Latin American loop family!

Calypso is making her home behind the scenes, but will join Biggie, our male capybara, in Rainforest Revealed when it’s completed later this year. Another female is expected to join this group, and we are hopeful for capybara pups in the future.

Calypso’s habitat—which is currently under construction—will feature a brand-new, open-air space with plenty of room for this water-loving animal to swim. She may share her space with other species such as tapirs and giant anteaters.

Capybaras are the largest member of the rodent family, and the biggest threats to their survival are hunting and deforestation. You can learn more about what to expect from Rainforest Revealed here.