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Van Gogh

Join us to send Van Gogh off!

We’re happy to be sending another rehabilitated sea turtle back to their ocean home! Van Gogh the juvenile green sea turtle is being released after a three-month stay at our Sea Turtle Healing Center. Van Gogh will be released at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 13, 2024, from Lori Wilson Park, 1500 N. Atlantic Ave. in Cocoa Beach.

This sea turtle release is open to the public! Flippers will be in the water by 10 a.m., so we recommend you arrive early.   

Van Gogh eating

Van Gogh and Winnie often ate together.

Van Gogh was taken in March of this year after being found washed ashore by the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. They arrived at our doorstep lethargic, hypoglycemic, and covered in marine leeches. Van Gogh also had some mild fibropapillomatosis (FP) tumors. They received plenty of fluids with dextrose to help them feel better. As for the FP, this turtle’s tumors were small and displayed signs of regression. After examination, it was determined that no tumors needed to be removed since Van Gogh could easily continue his normal turtle behaviors. 

While in our care, it was noticed that Van Gogh got on well with the other patients. They shared a tank with another sick turtle, Winnie, and they both encouraged each other to eat. Van Gogh’s name was chosen since the turtle’s intake date, March 30, is Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday!  

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