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Julienne is quite the character.

Red ruffed lemurs Julienne and Juniper are almost ready to greet you! These three-year-old sisters are the first of their kind at the Zoo. We may acquire a male in the near future and see baby red ruffed lemurs one day!

Their soon-to-be habitat, which sits on the Expedition Africa platform overlooking zebras, rhinos and giraffe, has been a part of the Zoo since the loop opened in 2003. Formerly home to rock hyraxes and turacos, this area has been modified to comfortably house lemurs and give guests an up-close look at these colorful creatures.

Red ruffed lemurs are named for their reddish color, but the fur on their stomachs, tails and foreheads is black and they typically have a white patch on the back of their necks. These critically endangered primates mainly feed on fruit and are threatened by deforestation and hunting.

We know you can’t wait to see this charismatic pair in person, so stay tuned to our social media channels to find out when you can view them!