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Dropping off phone into bin

A simple way to help wildlife and declutter your junk drawer!

Did you know that over 1.5 billion smartphones are sold worldwide each year, but only about 20 percent of electronic waste is recycled? Fortunately, you can now bring your smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices, digital cameras, chargers, headphones and other small electronics to a bin located outside the Zoo entrance for reclamation.

The production of consumer electronics has a tremendous impact on wildlife because every device contains small amounts of rare minerals like coltan, which is found in the rainforests of central Africa. Mining activity leads to deforestation and pollution, upending the lives of endangered animals such as gorillas, elephants and okapi.

The items placed in our bin will be either given to others to use or broken down to make new electronics. Items that cannot be reused or repurposed will be recycled responsibly.

Approved electronic devices can be broken, old or locked. Some items—such as computers, batteries, film cameras and household appliances—are not accepted. We recommend clearing data from devices before dropping them off.

If you have questions about this program or what is accepted, call 321-254-9453 ext. 240 or email areaume@brevardzoo.org.