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Baby chimpanzees in a tree

Orphaned chimps are rescued by Pan African Sanctuary Alliance.

Time for Change!

Lions and tigers and bears—oh, no! These three species no longer exist in the same habitat anywhere on Earth, but what about lions and chimps and elephants? Oh, yes! But, unfortunately, their populations are dwindling across the African continent due to our actions. Our new Quarters for Conservation projects will fund organizations stepping up to intervene and protect them—and your votes make it all possible!

The Projects

All great apes are endangered, but chimpanzees are especially vulnerable to human activity. Adults are killed and peddled as bushmeat while infants are sold on the black market to exotic animal collectors. Pan African Sanctuary Alliance works with wildlife centers throughout the continent to rescue orphaned chimps and provide safe habitat and veterinary care. Funds from Quarters for Conservation will alleviate the expenses incurred by transport, export permits and veterinary care. The development of sanctuaries for young chimps is crucial for their species’ survival.

The King of Beasts is a target for big game hunting and illegal poaching. Katavi National Park in Tanzania is a federally protected area home to several lion prides. Despite conservation efforts, some locals continue to kill these cats for “lion dancing” rituals. Watu, Simba na Mazingira—People, Lions and the Environment partners with local law enforcement to reduce intrusive activity throughout the park and other protected areas. Quarters for Conservation will fund the development of educational material to help locals understand the history of their people and why their culture should no longer include the sacrifice of lions. The money will also provide financial aid as alternative support for families who rely on profit from poaching.

The desire for ivory on the black market continues to perpetuate the poaching of African elephants. Some Zambian farmers also contribute to their decline, viewing them as threatening and destructive. Game Rangers International (GRI) is an organization focused on protecting pachyderms in Kafue National Park. They launched an initiative, Kafue Kids for Conservation, to provide resources and establish extracurricular conservation clubs in local schools. By showcasing a broad range of topics and introducing students to the Elephant Orphanage Project, GRI hopes to inspire young minds to become the country’s next generation of conservationists.

Cast Your Vote!

Twenty-five cents of your Zoo admission (and five dollars from each membership) is donated to a Quarters for Conservation Project of your choice! Upon entering, you’ll be given a “quarter” token to cast your vote for whichever project most inspires you. If you’re extra passionate about any project, please feel free to drop in “real” coins or bills. Together our change will add up for conservation throughout the world!