Quarters for Conservation

Brevard Zoo's Mission

"Wildlife Conservation Through Education and Participation"

quarters-for-conservation-logoQuarters for Conservation is an exciting program that raises money to support wildlife conservation all over the world!

Upon entry to the Zoo, each guest is given a token representing 25 cents and asked to “vote” for their favorite project or organization at the Quarters for Conservation station. Additional contributions can be made with legal tender coins or bills. Three projects are featured at a time, rotating every three months. 

Zoo guests funded the following projects in 2016:



Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal

In the Rupandehi District of Nepal, thousands of people are injured or killed by venomous snakes each year. Locals have consequently developed a sense of animosity towards snakes and, not realizing their ecological importance, kill large numbers of these misunderstood reptiles. Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal works to diffuse these tensions by promoting conservation through community awareness and education.


Association of Zoos and Aquariums: Saving Animals from Extinction
Globally, sharks and rays are threatened with extinction because of unsustainable practices like finning and overfishing. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has launched the Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) program, committed to protecting sharks and rays as well as penguins, gorillas, rhinos and more. With support from Quarters for Conservation, scientists will continue developing a three-year Conservation Action Plan to keep these majestic fishes swimming in our oceans for generations to come.


Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary
Florida is a hotspot for biodiversity, but our presence leads to plenty of injured, sick and orphaned native wildlife and migratory birds. The Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary (FWH), located in Melbourne, works 365 days a year to care for over 5,000 patients annually. Quarters for Conservation will help raise the funds needed to purchase two industrial grade, high-capacity washer and dryer systems to make doing laundry for all the patients easier.



Looking to generate interest and support for your conservation project? We want to hear from you! Learn more or submit an application.

The Zoo seeks holistic projects that incorporate the community, education, and wildlife conservation. Although we recognize that research is a critical step in conservation initiatives, preference is given to projects with a significant conservation action component in addition to research. The Zoo does not support graduate research projects unless applicants are affiliated with an established non-profit conservation organization.



The Brevard Zoo Wildlife Emergency Fund is a small grant program that provides emergency funding of up to $2,500 to address severe and time-sensitive threats to wildlife. Emergency funding is focused on saving wildlife impacted by natural or man-made catastrophes such as earthquakes, flooding, fires, severe storms, poaching, civil conflict and unanticipated habitat destruction.

This program has been made possible by the fundraising efforts of Zoo staff and volunteers.

More information about the Fund is available here. To apply, fill out this form and submit it to Applications must be completed to be considered for funding.



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