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Close up of okapi

The endangered okapi is most closely related to the giraffe!

Our Quarters for Conservation (Q4C) initiative, which gives you the opportunity to “vote” for a conservation project on each visit to the Zoo, highlights three unique programs every three months. This fall, one of your choices is Okapi Conservation Project.

In 2016, Okapi Conservation Project launched a camera trap study in the Democratic Republic of Congo to document wildlife activity. The organization is now looking to expand their camera trap-monitoring program by creating a second team.

This additional team will place cameras in and around illegal gold mines that had been previously closed by rangers from ICCN, a wildlife authority group that conserves nature. After closure of the mines and peaceful departure of the miners, the forest has been left to regrow. By placing cameras in this area, Okapi Conservation Project will be able to study how quickly okapi and other species can recolonize these areas previously occupied by humans.

To cast your vote for Okapi Conservation Project, visit the Zoo and drop your token into the corresponding Q4C box! Visit our blog for spotlights on this cycle’s other unique conservation projects.