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Two men hold bloodhound puppies while standing next to the Brevard County Sheriff.

Cindy and her soon-to-be-named sister are joining the Zoo from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Two nearly 12-week-old bloodhound puppies adopted from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office are joining our Zoo’s Barnyard crew! The pups were part of a litter born to the Sheriff’s Office’s bloodhounds Blue and Daisy Mae.  

A woman holds a bloodhound puppy.

The soon-to-be-named female puppy!

Cindy and her soon-to-be-named sister are spending time with their new animal care team right now. They’ll be staying behind-the-scenes for a quarantine period (standard for any new animals brought to the Zoo). Soon, they’ll start making visits to their new home at the Barnyard. Until they get a little older, they’ll be staying overnight with different members of our animal care team.  

Cindy was named by the Sheriff’s Office after Cindy Johnson, a generous patron of the Sheriff’s Office who outfitted the current K-9 team with ballistic vests.  

We want YOUR help to name Cindy’s sister! We’ll be sharing more on a special naming contest very soon!  

By bringing them to our Zoo at a young age, we hope they’ll bond not only with their keepers, but also with the rest of our Barnyard crew. They have five chickens, four goats and an African spurred tortoise to meet! 

A bloodhound puppy lays on a woman.

Meet Cindy!

“Raising them with goats and chickens should help them see those animals as members of their pack rather than as outsiders,” said Zach Marchetti, our community engagement and outreach officer.  

Bloodhounds are generally very relaxed dogs when not “working” aka tracking. We hope their calm demeanor will help them fit in with the other animals in the Barnyard, and their large size means that they should be able to stand up to lots of attention from kids (goats and humans!).  

This breed is extensively used in missing persons cases, especially for children. Soon, our Barnyard will have more information on bloodhound’s amazing skills and more.  

We look forward to watching our duo continue to grow! We’ll let you know as soon as they start making trips to our Barnyard.   

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