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A cotton-top tamarin baby clings to the back of a family member.

See if you can spot them clinging to their family members!

We’re not monkeying around; we have some exciting baby news to share! We’re ecstatic to announce that our cotton-top tamarin matriarch, Luna, gave birth to two babies in early January. The infants have joined their father, Cricket, and three brothers, Rudy, Archie and Albie, in their habitat.  

A cotton-top tamarin baby clings to the back of a family member.All troop members have been doing well with this big change so far! The little ones have been observed clinging to all family members, and the troop has also been helping groom them. 

“This species of Callitrichid participates in family caring for the young which includes carrying the infants at times,” said Michelle Johnston, Area Supervisor of Primates.  

Our Rainforest Revealed keepers knew that Luna was expecting and made proper arrangements ahead of time, including giving them more privacy. Since their birth, keepers have been spending minimal time in the habitat as the new family adjusts. Temporary gates have also been placed in front of their habitat to prevent guests from tapping on the glass and disrupting the monkeys.  

A cotton-top tamarin baby clings to the back of a family member with another nearby.“We want to provide the tamarins with as much quiet time as possible to allow them to bond with the family group,” added Michelle.  

This need for bonding time also means we won’t know the sexes of the two babies for some time.  

These births are extra special for the Zoo since cotton-top tamarins are critically endangered. Due to habitat loss and the pet trade, this species is one of the most endangered primates on the planet. This means every individual, including our two newest additions, are critical successes for the future of the species. 

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